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Makeup and Skincare

In Beauty, Hair, Life, Make-up, Skincare, Uncategorized on April 9, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Announcement: I have launched a new website called Fiori Beauty, this blog’s sole purpose is dedicated to the beauty, cosmetic and skincare industry. I will be:

  • testing products
  • have product giveaways you can enter to win
  • product reviews, links to articles and so much more
  • I hope you will check out the site and follow me there too if this interests you go to

Not to worry I will still be writing my other blogs Truffles Magazine and Endless Baby for those of you that follow them and aren’t interested in the content of Fiori Beauty.


Face Cleansing Wipes

In Beauty, Make-up, Skincare on March 16, 2012 at 11:07 am

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Many people love to use face wipes in lieu of a wash cloth there are many uses for them but its hard to find ones that leave the skin clean, residue free and yet remove all traces of makeup, oil, and dirt. If your wondering which brand too use or maybe you’ve tried a few and are still looking for the one that best suits you – well look no further than the Simone France Disposable Cleansing Cloths, these babies remove everything and if your wondering there are many ways to use them. I personally recommend using them if you go to the gym or after any workout because you can remove all the oil and sweat preventing clogged pores and breakouts.

Another reason they’re great is they have no product on them so if you love the skincare your presently using you don’t have to give it up. Here are some easy uses for these to save you some time: wash face at night with these and a mild cleanser to remove all the day’s dirt/oil/makeup. Use these with eye makeup remover to swipe over the eyes and remove all eye makeup without tugging on the delicate skin. Looking for another use, go ahead and put some toner on the cloth and wipe all over your face you’ll be surprised what comes off (even on clean skin). I love that they are so easy to travel with the cloths are small enough to pack and don’t take up much space, but provide an amazing job when your on the go.

If you need to stretch your budget then here are some suggestions: I will tell you right now these cloths can be used more than once (for those of you wondering) after washing with the cloth just rinse it out under warm water. I can get 3-4 uses if I am not removing heavy eye makeup. Another solution I have heard is to cut it in half some people then get double the amount of cloths essentially.

Share with me do you use cleansing cloths?

At home Face Mask

In Beauty, Skincare on March 7, 2012 at 11:38 am

So, today I am sharing with you ways to customize your at home beauty facials – go ahead and read this post this is one of my favorite clay masks and then read how to change it up by adding different ingredients to give you a different desired result.

Getting Rid of Acne

In Beauty, Skincare on February 25, 2012 at 11:58 am

Acne is so frustrating and it affects not just teens but also millions of adults. I have compiled a list of the things to do in order to get rid of acne, I am not saying this is a cure I am saying this will help and truly minimize any acne you do have. My intention is to offer some advice and hope to the many self conscious acne sufferers. Please share this article with anyone you know who suffers from acne.

  • Wash your face morning and evening (always remove all make-up before bed, I don’t care how late it is the 5 minutes it takes will make such a difference on your skin)
  • Avoid any products with fragrance, perfume or dyes
  • Avoid any products with SLS (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate),DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (momoethnanolamine), and TEA (triethanolamine) and Triclosan
  • I suggest buying some pillow cases (7 is ideal) either at a garage sale/estate sale or clearance sale and then change them before bed every night and wash once per week to keep them fresh and to prevent your face from sitting in bacteria night after night
  • Using things 1 time really improves acne, so buy enough washcloths to use a fresh one every morning and evening (this would be 2 a day x 7 days = 14 washcloths for someone with acne – doing laundry once per week)
  • Use a fragrance free laundry detergent (this is especially important if your have body acne)
  • You must moisturize your skin – people with acne have a terrible fear of moisturizer like using it will make their pores clogged and the truth is if you go without moisturizer your skin won’t be properly balanced
  • Make sure to avoid drinks high in sugar and with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) – aim to drink 1/2 your body’s weight in ounces daily of water (120 lbs = 60 ounces of water)
  • Because acne is not just external make sure you are taking a multi vitamin and also check to make sure your getting enough Omega and Zinc in your diet if not make sure to add these supplements
  • Always wear sunscreen when outdoors

I am going to write another article about best products for acne and how/why to use them


Best Mascara

In Beauty, Make-up on February 18, 2012 at 11:47 am

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I admit it I love shopping for skin care and makeup, however I also love finding makeup that works time and time again and that I will keep in my repertoire. However, I am still on the search for the BEST mascara. So, I am turning to you I am hoping you will share with me what your favorite mascara is. The most important thing to me is that the mascara doesn’t flake, run, or smear (I don’t need any raccoon eyes during the day). I have actually worn 7 different mascaras this past week – I put on a new one every morning and left on until bed, but I am still hoping to find a new that I will like  so please share a comment with me on which brand you use.


Chelsea @ Truffles Magazine

Cheap Beauty Tips part 2

In Beauty, Skincare on February 5, 2012 at 1:56 pm

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Okay, so today I am discussing more cheap beauty tips to help you look your best and not break the bank. Also, these beauty tips I share can be done at home so they not only cost less but they’re convenient because you don’t can pamper yourself on your own schedule.

  • To tackle puffy eyes & dark circles: sleep with your pillow elevated (if your used to sleeping flat this will take some adjustment so keep propping up your pillow a few more inches each night until you get more comfortable) – this trick helps because it alleviates nasal congestion and swelling
  • Go ahead and buy an all silk Pillow Case – this is so gentle on the skin and it helps prevent face wrinkles, eye wrinkles and crows’ feet (you can check them out here I recommend you finding one online in case your concerned about matching your decor
  • Sleep on your back to prevent developing facial wrinkles
  • Give yourself a foot scrub and then slather on lotion and loose socks to seal in the moisture & soften your feet

If your looking for more inexpensive beauty tips check out my other cheap beauty tips

Dr. Weil for Origins Product Review

In Beauty, Skincare on February 3, 2012 at 11:53 am

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Today, I am bringing you my reviews of 2 Dr. Weil for Origins products. I figured after using these products for twice a day, for 3 months, and the bottles are empty I would share my reviews.

Mega Mushroom Relief: Soothing Face Lotion- This does absorb well, however it requires using more than the beauty consultant at Origins advised. She advised 1 pump for the entire face and neck, but it doesn’t spread enough so you will need more of it. It does leave you softer feeling to the touch. This doesn’t produce long term results to minimize redness (some days it’s less red than others but this does not work as promised). Retail Price is $61.00

Mega Mushroom Relief: Soothing Face Cream – This cream does not absorb well into the skin, and can leave you sticky when combined with products like the serum and topped with an SPF for daytime. Even at night with no SPF it doesn’t absorb well, kinda a sticky feeling.  On a positive note neither the cream nor the lotion/serum have a strong odor which I like, nothing too perfumery.

Retail price is $61.00

I would not buy either one of these products again, although they did not cause any bad reactions there was little to no positive results and I feel you’d be wasting your money if I didn’t give my review.

Origins: Starting Over Eye cream Review

In Beauty, Skincare on February 1, 2012 at 11:00 am

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Today, I am bringing you my product review for Origins Starting Over Eye Cream, I had seen several advertisements for this product, read about its reviews and wanted to share my experience with you.

First of all this eye cream is not bad, but it does not really leave any changes to darkness under the eyes, lines, or deep wrinkles. its pros: are it does not have any overpowering fragrance and it does moisturize the eye area well.

This has a retail price of $35.00

In effect, I would not buy this eye cream again there are better options out there for your money.

Tea Tree Oil

In Going Green, Life @ Home, Skincare on January 19, 2012 at 11:03 am

Tea tree oil is a great oil with so many uses that I am sure it will become a staple in your house. I am going to share a brief list of the many uses for tea tree oil around the home and for personal care. Often people hear how great an oil is but what good is spending money on something if your not aware of the many uses it has. Then it just sits around your home taking up space.

  1. Can be used to treat toe nail fungus
  2. Acne, – try dabbing it on your acne and let it dry
  3. Clean surfaces by adding 2 Teaspoons to 2 Cups of water
  4. Apply either directly or partially diluted to a cold soar it helps heal faster
  5. Add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo to help heal dandruff  (or apply directly to scalp for a treatment)
  6. Add 10 drops to a cup of water then spray onto pet or work through pet’s hair with flea comb
  7. Add 1 Tablespoon to your washer to disinfect
  8. Apply 2 drops to a tick then try removing if it doesn’t let with tweezers add another drop
  9. Add 1 Teaspoon to a boiling pot of water and steam your face

If you use tea tree oil a different way then listed above please share it with our fellow readers

Cheap Beauty Tips part 1

In Skincare on January 9, 2012 at 11:39 am

Today, I am compiling a list which I will revisit from time to time to discuss with you ways to make / incorporate items into your beauty routine that will achieve results and cost very little.

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  • Some people enjoy steaming their face others not so much (but if you do try this tip)
  • Get a pot, fill with water, bring to boil then turn off heat place towel over head and let the steam come to your face ( I suggest actually adding a Green Tea bag during the boil process and let your skin absorb the green tea steam doing this for 5 – 10 minutes) – then put on a super moisturizer afterwards
  • Use Coconut Oil on your hands to keep them hydrated & looking young (especially in this harsh winter weather)
  • Skip the beauty creams touting vitamins with extra benefits (don’t be a sucker and pay for an ingredient that often has such a small concentration that your skin gets little of the actual benefits)  go buy the oil separately and add either to your moisturizer or beauty routine (try this vitamin E oil )
  • Use baking soda & water mix together to form a paste consistency then use this on your face to have your own home microdermabrasion  solution (don’t do this more than 1x a week because it’s drying, always moisturize afterwards)
  • Take 2 Tablespoons run under cold water and place in the freezer, after 15 minutes take them out and place over your eyelids
  • Need to make your skin feel softer on your feet fill your bathtub with warm water to the ankles,  combine some baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar use it as a scrub on your feet