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Cheap Beauty Tips part 2

In Beauty, Skincare on February 5, 2012 at 1:56 pm

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Okay, so today I am discussing more cheap beauty tips to help you look your best and not break the bank. Also, these beauty tips I share can be done at home so they not only cost less but they’re convenient because you don’t can pamper yourself on your own schedule.

  • To tackle puffy eyes & dark circles: sleep with your pillow elevated (if your used to sleeping flat this will take some adjustment so keep propping up your pillow a few more inches each night until you get more comfortable) – this trick helps because it alleviates nasal congestion and swelling
  • Go ahead and buy an all silk Pillow Case – this is so gentle on the skin and it helps prevent face wrinkles, eye wrinkles and crows’ feet (you can check them out here I recommend you finding one online in case your concerned about matching your decor
  • Sleep on your back to prevent developing facial wrinkles
  • Give yourself a foot scrub and then slather on lotion and loose socks to seal in the moisture & soften your feet

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