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Top Spa Tips While Vacationing

In Travel on July 20, 2012 at 10:40 am

I love traveling going places, exploring, taking photos just having fun. Many hotels and resorts these days have spas and lets be honest some things just pair so well together (vacations + spas = awesome time!) But maybe your wondering which services to get and why. So here are some tips I have for you and these suggestions below I hope will guide you. If you’ve never gone to a spa on a vacation I highly recommend doing so – at least once after all you have nothing to lose.

  • Don’t get your hair cut (you probably have a regular stylist who cuts it back home that you have an established relationship with and you don’t want to risk going to some complete stranger considering no one you know will be able to give great references)
  • Skip getting your hair colored: If your planning a vacation and you know your gonna take a lot of pictures and want to look your best go to your hometown salon and get your hair colored /cut or both with your regular stylist. This isn’t just familiarity or comfort your stylist using certain brands and specific colors on your hair and there’s no guarantee the salon you visit on vacation will have that product on hand.
  • Massages:  this is one spa service I highly recommend you get while on vacation. First of all you can always choose your preference Swedish, deep tissue, etc. Second, some places doing them outside much different than at home where you go into a spa and they lie you down in a room so you may get to here the sound of the ocean or birds singing. Third, a massage can prove quite relaxing after a long day of activity (kayaking, surfing, hiking,etc.) Fourth, consider getting a couples massage two tables side by side you and your partner enjoying pure blissfulness.
  • Manicures: you can do these at home or at your local salon before going. There’s no reason to get a manicure done on vacation because it will tend to cost more at hotel / resorts and its not some amazing indulgent experience to remember. I do recommend always bringing with you the color of nail polish with you on vacation for any touch ups.
  • Pedicure / Reflexology: I highly recommend anyone who is really active on their vacation to do this its so relaxing. Plus if your a guy this may just be the right treatment for you no girly scents, or fluffy smelling lotions and when it comes time for painting the toe nails just skip that!

Tips to consider – when booking your reservations at the hotel / resort don’t be afraid to speak up and ask about the spa its services and have them email, fax or quote you a price for the service and its time. Also inquire about freebies many spas have private saunas or lounge pools only available to the spa goers. Now make sure to ask  while booking specific questions such as paying for the service when reserving the hotel rooms or paying upon arrival (and ask them about tipping in cash versus putting it on the bill – this will allow you to tip based on the experience generally 15-20% is acceptable for tipping.) Also this is the time to reserve things like champagne with your couples massage make sure to have that coordinated when making the reservation of the service.

For the best spa experience:

  • abide by the rules and be respectful of other guests no smoking or cell phones
  • arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointment
  • leave all jewelry or valuables back in the rooms safe
  • speak up when asked if there’s anything they can do for you many times you will be offered bottled water don’t feel funny asking for a cup of tea
  • dress comfortably and consider wearing sandals no sense in wearing sneakers and socks if your gonna take them off for the service
  • the reason most spa goers don’t have a great time is really because they don’t speak up and for some reason they think the spa personnel are mind readers

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