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Rustic + Modern Living

In House & Yard, Life @ Home, Urban Dweller on July 13, 2012 at 8:42 am

Are you trying to marry two different styles into a room? Maybe you and your other half have completely different ideas on decorating and while most men don’t love decorating they don’t love pink rooms (any more than most women want a full sports living room.) So here’s some ideas try this rustic + modern design. Some people think you can only have 1 style or that your decorating style inside your home must match the architectural style of your home and this is just not true. Blend this style by adding some traditional pieces with more neutral tones, use more modern paint color combinations (grey + yellow or a beige + teal could be really nice) and shop for modern fabric for pillows at the fabric store then just make them into a simple envelope slip pillow costing much less than fancy modern pillows at home furnishing stores. I hope this will inspire you to create a lovely a space for your family.

West Elm’s  Essex Upholstered Ottoman $299.00 – this comes in so many color/fabric options  I like ottomans because they double as a coffee table or sitting space.

  photo source

West Elm’s Tree Stump Side Table – $199.00 – its eco-friendly and add a rustic natural charm

  photo source

Have Children? Well then you know sometimes a sofa could get really dirty so go ahead and try this slip covered more traditional style from Ikea its the Ektorp Corner Sofa in Vellinge Beige for $999.00

  photo source

When you place a tray on an ottoman it can be used for so many things: holding magazines, books, the remote. It also is a great opportunity to add color to your room. This lacquered tray is from West Elm and retails for $22.00

photo source

West Elm’s Lourdes Sanchez 8×10 rug $599.00

  photo source

Total cost $2,122 – so next time your at one of those furniture stores that tries to sell you a whole room package that is identical to thousands of other people’s living rooms consider how easy it is to put together your own unique room.


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