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Summer Road Trips

In Travel on June 20, 2012 at 7:00 am

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Since school has just finished this month and we have the whole summer ahead of us I wanted to discuss a few ways to make your road trips safer and better. For those of you who will be taking road trips make sure to print out my little checklist below:


  • Keep a first aid kit in your vehicle at all times
  • Keep printed directions with you at all times and make sure to keep a map as well
  • I recommend going to the bank and having your teller exchange a $20 bill for 2 $10 rolls  of quarters (I have gone through so much toll money driving on trips some tolls were $2.90 each)
  • Have a flashlight / flares in your vehicle in case you break down
  • Make sure you have a spare set of keys to your vehicle with you (2 sets with you all times, this is in case 1 gets lost or you have 2 drivers)
  • Jumper cables, GPS (if you use one make sure to bring along your TomTom or Garmin but still bring the map), and Radar detector (if you avoid 1 or 2 tickets this essentially pays for itself)
  • Make sure before doing any trip you have correct tire pressure, oil change, and a tuneup for long hauls (making sure items like A/C is working correctly and all belts and fluids are fine)
  • If you have AAA have you card with you in your wallet
  • Pack a cooler with snacks (try granola bars, sandwiches, fruit, and water bottles) this will help minimize stops
  • Keep a package of baby wipes with you for sticky fingers and such from snacks
  • Always try to eat and gas your vehicle at the same stops
  • Always bring your cell phone’ s car charger with you and make sure to charge it when driving (no point in having a cell phone if its dead and can’t call for help)
  • Keep all reservation details in a trip folder (hotel info, phone numbers, 2nd copy of directions, etc)
  • If you car has rear entertainment bring along a favorite video for the kids
  • Make sure to bring a blanket for those who chill easier no sense in people bickering about being hot/cold
  • Make sure to bring along items for long road trips to keep all riders entertained: iPod, deck cards, books on tape are great because they don’t affect people like reading does and motion sickness (try Barnes and Nobles)
  • Keep items at hand that you need to reach and keep the items well packed that are only for the destination

Well I really hope this helps so print this list and I hope you have a great vacation!


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