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What to have on hand for summer

In Life on May 28, 2012 at 7:00 am

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With summer almost here and kids off from school its time to start thinking what will you be doing this summer?  First off most people grill in the summer so plan on having some items on hand at all times, in fact I suggest putting together what I call my “get together basket” (I like the tub and its available for less than $12.00 from Lowes) There are plenty of sizes / prices to choose from the one featured above is a Hefty Plastic 66 qt.

Go ahead and put together the following items so you always have them on hand and then when you have a house full of guests coming it won’t be the last minute little details you fret over:

  • 1) a pack of napkins, paper plates, plastic cups etc. for those that use them (its still more eco-friendly to use regular plates, cups, bowls and then just use the dishwasher avoiding plastic waste in the landfills)
  • 2) skewers (for kabobs and for corn holders- perfect multi-tasker)
  • 3) a pack of balloons (always entertains the kids and if they get hot they can fill them)
  • 4) grilling lighter / matches
  • 5) any type of items you use for grilling including Reynold’s wrap, etc
  • 6) A pack of candles – in case its anybody’s birthday or anniversary you can place a few in a cake, cupcake or brownies

Making this little “get together basket”  will really help you out when the day comes for your friends / family to get together and come over. I hope you will feel that once this is assembled it saves you a lot of time this summer.

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