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Easy, Homemade Granola

In Food on May 2, 2012 at 10:28 am

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Are you looking for an simple recipe to make homemade granola that tastes great and is healthier then store bought ones?  Some store bought brands can be expensive, others may just have ingredients you don’t like or can’t have (in my case I’m allergic to almonds). Well, my friend Andrea over at Simple Organized Living has a great recipe (she is all about cheap meals that taste great and are simple to make) so I encourage you to try her homemade granola recipe and why not try her granola bars recipe too!

  1. Lovely! That’s very pretty and well presented granola.

  2. […] Let’s face it with summer coming and hot temperatures some days turning on the oven is the least thing on my mind, I don’t need any more heat in my apartment. So, I came across this recipe which requires simple ingredients and is quick to make, plus it requires no baking. It will be a big hit with kids at home all summer as well. The recipe  for these No Bake Bars comes from Andrea at Simple Organized Living. Don’t mind a little baking then try your hand at this homemade granola […]

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