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Hurricanes for Candles

In House & Yard, Life @ Home, Urban Dweller on April 16, 2012 at 11:42 am

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Hurricanes holders for candles are beautiful and simple, they allow you to display the colorful candle inside while allowing its light to shine through. I also like that you can add any decorative item inside them as well not just candles. I found these London Hurricanes on Crate and Barrel.    They are  $24.95 for the small and $39.95 for the large. Another thing I really like about these are: they will last a long time, because their clear the candle or other items inside can be changed out for relatively little money allowing you to change the look. Also, you can re-purpose them in the future (it can have a candle in the dining room, mints in a home office, or cotton balls in a bathroom.)  Share a comment with me if you have any other great uses for these Hurricanes.

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