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Wedding Costs by City

In Life on April 13, 2012 at 11:35 am

Its no shock that wedding can be expensive, they can also be done for as cheap as a minister or officiant and 2 witnesses. Obviously its up to each couple (and their families if they’re contributing to the cost).  I believe each couple should have their desired wedding (backyard, church, formal, informal your getting my point its their day).

However, I FIRMLY BELIEVE no couple should go into debt for their wedding. When making a wedding budget the bride and groom to be need to take a look at their finances and decide how much they each have to put towards the wedding & honeymoon. Then they need to determine how long from their engagement to their wedding (x months) and how much money they may need extra. So, maybe one or both of you will need to pick up some part time work, or cut eating out lunch, to put toward your wedding fund. You should only spend on a wedding what can be paid for in cash – using credits cards and acquiring debt is a stupid choice to pay for a wedding and honeymoon and will NOT lead to marriage bliss.

Also, if parents volunteer to pay get a clear understanding of how much and for what. Some parents pay for the entire wedding or honeymoon, to the cost of the cake to contributing nothing. It is under NO circumstance either of your parents’ responsibilities to pay for or contribute to the wedding– they’ve had their day. 

Below I am sharing this list for anybody that maybe engaged or planning to get married down the road, I hope this helps.

Top 20 most expensive places to get married (according to and

Based on average wedding spend in 2011, these are the areas around the US where couples spend the most on their wedding:

1. New York City (Manhattan): $65,824

2.Chicago, IL: $53,069

3.NY Metro (Long Island, Hudson Valley and NYC Outer Boroughs): $50,087, $46,560, $40,356

4.Northern/Central NJ and Southern NJ: $46,600, $38,103

5.Rhode Island: $41,307

6.Santa Barbara/Ventura, CA, and Los Angeles, CA: $37,823, $37,690

7.Philadelphia, PA: $37,014

8.Boston, MA: $35,560

9.Southern Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas): $34,465

10.  Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland: $34,203

11.  Connecticut: $33,789

12.  Baltimore, MD: $32,702

13.  Northern, CA, San Diego, CA, and Orange County/Inland Empire, CA: $32,261, $30,482, $29,826

14.  Hawaii: $31,461

15.  Pittsburgh, PA: $29,703

16.  Louisiana: $28,790 *New to Top 20 List in 2011

17.  Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, and Austin/San Antonio, TX: $28,717, $27,459, $27,735

18.  California/Nevada (Sacramento, Tahoe and Reno): $28,028

19.  Lehigh Valley/Poconos, PA: $27,339 *New to Top 20 List in 2011

20.  Detroit, MI: $27,017 *New to Top 20 List in 2011



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