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High / Low of Kitchenware (utensil holder)

In House & Yard, Life @ Home, Urban Dweller on April 9, 2012 at 10:44 am

There are so many things one will buy for the kitchen (in fact you will buy lots of stuff over the years for your home) some brands we may be particular to others not so much. There are some items that really make no difference whatsoever where and what you pay for. There function will not be compromised in the slightest. Take the utensil holder below, it will still hold up all the utensils you need its not a performance compromise.

Take my following find which I am sure you will be please to know can really save you some money:

This first picture is a white, utensil holder from Crate and Barrel it retails for $19.95

  photo source

The second here is from Walmart and retails for $4.98 (in my local Chicago store)

  photo source

Alright, so what’s the difference you ask?

Well the one from Crate and Barrel is made from Porcelain and the one from Walmart is made of Ceramic. If that doesn’t make a difference to you then go ahead and save $14.97

If your a person who likes a challenge then keep a small jar and everytime you save money on something like this deposit the savings difference (in this case the $14.97) into the jar see how fast it grows




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