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Spa Inspired Baths

In House & Yard, Life @ Home, Urban Dweller on March 25, 2012 at 11:36 am

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Don’t you just LOVE the spa, its so peaceful and relaxing well here are some quick and easy tips to duplicating the spa feel at home in your own bathroom. Some today I am sharing both inexpensive ways to create the spa vibe.

On a budget: first of all make sure your towels are in good condition (if they’re feeling old and worn out re-use them for cleaning around the house or car) take towels fold into thirds  longways(fold left into center and right into center) then roll up. Make sure to have adequate washcloths as well.

Buy a basket to keep the towels in and another for storing all your “spa items” this will also help keep everything a little more organized and don’t forget to shop around baskets come in a variety of colors, sizes, & prices.

Next, consider what you like some people enjoy the flickering of a candle and a certain scent – if you love candles pick up one or two in your favorite scent. If candles aren’t your thing consider visiting your home improvement store and buying a dimer switch for your bathroom light fixtures, this will allow you to adjust the lighting of the room.

Consider purchasing a new shower head check out this awesome one from Kohler its called the Flipside



Consider painting your bathroom in a color more echoed at spas (light soft tones) of blues, greens, greys, a new coat of paint one afternoon could really transform the space for you.

I hope this tips inspire you to create your own spa oasis – and for those of you who are consider doing some remodeling in the future keep reading because I will be posting how to achieve a full “spa bathroom” when renovating including what fixtures to buy and where to save/spend your money.



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