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10 things under $10 (house)

In House & Yard, Life @ Home, Urban Dweller on March 23, 2012 at 11:52 am

With the economy being so bad I figured its only right to feature some things which are affordable on tighter budgets. So today I am going to start my 10 things under $10 list this week featuring housewares. I feel this could inspire you to tackle creativity – and maybe find a thing or two which will lend some inspiration to transform your abode. 

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1. This Bladet plant pot w/ saucer retails at Ikea for $5.99 try planting some herbs (parsley and basil are easy for beginners + you can save $ on buying herbs)

2. How about some apothecary jars, the ones featured below are from the Container Store, these come in 3 sizes all of which are under $10.00. Looking for inspiration, consider cotton balls or q-tips for a bathroom, or maybe some wrapped candies for a dining room table, or maybe a hairbrush, nail file and lotion for the nightstand either way there are many uses for these jars.

  photo source

3. Buy some used candlesticks, or candle holders in a variety of sizes & shapes that you like and fit the candles you already own (try the Goodwill & Salvation Army) then buy a can of spray paint in a bright, bold color (think aqua, high gloss white, burnt orange obviously something that matches your taste & decor) then clean the candle stick of any dirt, dust and then take outside to spray paint. Place them on a dining room table, foyer, or a living room.

4. Project 4 is very similar to project 3 only this time buy used, wooden picture frames and spray paint them to display family photos, travel pics, or to start a photo wall.  See this posting here displaying many eclectic picture frames

5. Given your skill set- go ahead and buy some fabric from your local fabric store in a pattern you like (check the clearance racks many times you can get fabric reduced from $6-$9 a yard down to $2-3. I just saw this the other day) then make new place mats for your table, if you have left over material go ahead and make some small cloth napkins as well.

6. If the bathroom is a soar spot for you consider changing out your cabinet’s hardware (since most bathrooms normally only have 2-4 handles/knobs) this can be done for very little money

7. Consider adding a colorful pot holder or two to the kitchen

8. Browse Etsy for handmade bargains that are very unique, avoiding that mass merchandiser repetitive style

  you can buy this towel from from THIS    – Etsy shop

9. Invest in some stylish bins like the one I featured below from The Container Store, its made of jute and retails for $9.99  – there are so many uses: store magazines, books, organize your use in your guest bath for spare toilet paper,organize open shelves by placing related contents inside the baskets to keep the area looking clutter free

  photo source

10. Some people LOVE to use their fridge as message centers to track important notes, shopping lists, etc. So my challenge to you is get more creative with magnets don’t just buy plain magnets go ahead and display family photos, or that vacation your saving up for then make them into your own magnets 

And we’re finally here so my question this week is what cheap decorating or house accessory do you recommend that’s less than $10.00 ? This article took some time so I appreciate any comments you have on the subject or any decorating ideas you’d like to share with fellow readers.


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