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Vintage Fixtures

In House & Yard, Life @ Home, Urban Dweller on March 15, 2012 at 10:39 am

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Today we are exploring vintage fixtures and finds for those who love to add a vintage splash to their decor.

Claw foot tubs bring a vintage feel to any bathroom – most come in 2 materials either cast iron or acrylic, remember cast iron can be very heavy but keeps the water nice and warm (this was the material of choice for most older claw foots) if installing these on a second floor make sure to have a reinforced floor and have a licensed plumber and contractor install it. The tub itself will be extremely heavy and even more so when water is added to it. Acrylic tubs are more often used in today’s claw foot tubs however they don’t tend to keep the water as warm either way its a personal preference and remember as long as you properly care for your tub it should last you many years.

Bath Room Machineries has many fixtures from another era and can be a great inspiration for people looking to remodel

Having a hard time finding vintage fixtures – browse here for light fixtures, switch plates and more

Consider looking at this website which specializes in nothing but Retro Items (decor, accessories, toys, etc.)


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