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Laundry Room transformation

In House & Yard, Life @ Home, Urban Dweller on March 1, 2012 at 10:14 am

Not all people have a laundry room and many people have their laundry in the garage, so today I am showing you how to change a spare closet into a laundry room. I hope this posting will inspire you to transform a closet in your home to your new found laundry area. Some of the biggest challenges I hear about laundry (especially with laundry in the basement or garage) is that its often: dark, unattractive, dirty, etc.

The photos shared below are from Kathy’s Remodeling Blog, I made some notes on the after photo and I listed below some great storage tips for a laundry closet (I know some of you maybe nervous to give up an entire closet to laundry). Read how to make this closet for yourself.

Photo Source

Here’s my tips to maximize every square inch of your new laundry closet:

  • Label the shelves (on the left hand side)
  • If you have your broom & pan else where in the house feel free to add shelves to the right door as well
  • Use the top shelves on each door for small items (spare items of: soap bars, sponges, etc.)
  • Keep all the cleaning supplies for baths on 1 shelf (toilet scrub, shower cleaner, mirror cleaner, disinfectant)
  • Keep a bin with spare rags, dust cloths, microfiber cloths above the washer/dryer
  • If you make your own laundry detergent or cleaning solutions then go ahead and make a shelf for those items (peroxide, baking soda, vinegar, borax, soap nuts, etc).
  • If you enjoy message centers go ahead and paint the front of the doors with chalkboard paint
  • If you have tall ceilings and are able to manage having the storage center above the laundry closet (as seen in the left photo) then use this space for whatever lack of storage you may have in your home. Some people have a lack of linen closets, no coat closet, etc. I suggest using this space for items like: Christmas decorations (for those w/o a attic, basement, garage), storage  of large bed items like duvet covers, toilet paper, etc.


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