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When Living & Dining Rooms are One

In House & Yard, Life @ Home, Urban Dweller on February 26, 2012 at 11:43 am

There is a fair share of condos, apartments and houses that have a living room and dining room that share 1 big open space. And while I truly love modern design in general as people have fallen away from more formal & traditional times so many builders have now combined the two into 1 larger room. Some people have no choice as often in condos or apartments city dwellers have a hard time having large rooms let alone enough rooms. My tips today are to share how to maximize this 1 room (for city dwellers its often like a bowling alley it is a long narrow space). 

Photo Source

   ← See how the dining table is backed to the sofa.

This will save extra floor space and you can still seat plenty of people. This also allows you to use your table as a serving buffet for when guests may sit in the living room on a chair or sofa. You can place trays of appetizers or drinks, plates, napkins etc. it has now become your serving station as well.

Have adequate lighting – now if your in a house I love SolaTubes these are great for letting in the natural sunlight.

Obviously if your in a condo this won’t work so make sure to properly use a chandelier with adequate lighting or a ceiling fan that has good LED Lighting (this is more Eco-friendly and requires less changing than incandescent ones.)

Storage is a potential problem so make sure that if the living room is where your TV is then make sure the cabinet has adequate storage space for DVDs – Below is the Hemnes TV Unit from Ikea its available for $199.00 if this is out of your budget, don’t worry they have some that are less expensive and if interested you can purchase this unit just smaller for $149.00 it also comes in more than 1 color.

  Photo Source

Consider making a purchase of a coordinating item (such as this Hemnes glass cabinet for $365.00) to work for your storage of extra dining area items (china, linens, etc).

   Photo Source

Another favorite more pricey option is this Kavari from Crate and Barrel – this piece is made from Acacia wood from India. I really like that the top has glass and the bottom is solid that way you can display your china and then hide the table linens or store extra DVDs, or books below – Keeping the clutter out of sight! Its priced at $899.00

  Photo Source


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