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Maximizing a Small Bedroom

In House & Yard, Urban Dweller on February 19, 2012 at 11:20 am

There are so many perks to city living, but small bedrooms is not one of them. Since we need to maximize every square inch its critical we choose the right pieces. First step, buy pieces that will provide maximum concealed storage, second do not purchase an entire bedroom set – rather buy the pieces that will; best fit your space and your life.

Know where to spend the money and where to save it: (here’s my advice below)

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Save on the bed frame and splurge on a quality mattress (the mattress should be something that will last you 10 years so you need to pick something that’s comfortable to sleep on) This stylish bed frame is from Ikea and is only $179 for Full, $199 for Queen and $249 for a King. In a small city bedroom shoot for a queen bed providing room for two without taking too much floor space in the room.

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You need to purchase under bed storage boxes like these, to maximize space under the bed. Items to consider placing in these boxes: shoes, bed linens, seasonal items like scarves and gloves. These Dilling boxes from Ikea are affordable at $14.99.

Make sure items double duty, if you have a TV in your Bedroom place it on top of a dresser or wall amount above do not, buy a separate TV stand. See the dresser below provides storage for clothes and a TV could easily be placed on top. If you don’t have a TV on top, make sure to keep this surface area well organized and de-cluttered and place several wall shelves above for photos.  You can buy this Hemnes Dresser from Ikea for $149.00 and the wall shelves for $14.99

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  Photo Source

My final suggestion is to buy some closet organizers,  don’t go overboard spending a lot of money on these systems check out DIY kits from Easy Closets and Rubbermaid

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