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My new favorite Teavana Tea

In Food on February 17, 2012 at 11:30 am


So, after an hour at the gym and a new phone (HTC Inspire) I needed a case for it, so I headed over to the mall. My local mall has a Teavana Store, which I love. They have so many flavors its amazing how you can create one to satisfy everyone’s taste. Well, after getting my new cell phone case I was thrilled to walk into the Teavana store and find a new favorite. This drink is a perfect one to served chilled and have on hand for yourself and company.

If you missed my previous posting check it out here, anyways tonight I chose the Strawberry Bliss Tea Blend (served chilled) its a combination of Blueberry Rooibos tea and Strawberry Lemonade herbal tea. Both my cousin and I loved this and it just tasted so good so this will be my next purchase at Teavana when I run out of my present tea.


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