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Kitchen Ingredients 101

In Food on February 15, 2012 at 11:49 am

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I am writing this article to offer some tried and true easy tips for you to use in your kitchen, I hope this list will prove to helpful to others so share it with friends and family.

  • Use cold butter when you’re making a dough and need the dough to stay as cold as possible –  also chill the bowl your mixing in ahead of time by placing in the freezer
  • Keep lemons, limes, and other fruits at room temperature to get more juice out of them
  • Keep lemons, limes and other fruits refrigerated to get more of the zest off the fruit
  • Store all oils (for example: olive oil) in cool, dark places to keep from spoiling (a dark cabinet or pantry)
  • If your oils come in a plastic bottle, transfer the oil to a glass one then recycle the plastic bottle
  • Consider using a french rolling pin (without handles) to feel the pressure applied
  • Regardless of whether a recipe does or doesn’t call for wax / parchment paper use it in all your pans for baking to ease cleanup

Ever run out of an ingredient, or your short some items let this emergency time substitutions help you out:

  • Often in baking there maybe a call for a specific liquor you don’t have on hand (think 2 tsp. of Creme de menthe) > Substitute this with a flavored extract of your choice (vanilla or almond extract for example) in an equal amount it, or you can add a favorite juice (like orange – which many people like with chocolate recipes).

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