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Vanilla Extract

In Food on January 28, 2012 at 9:58 am

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Vanilla Extract can be used in so many cooking and baking recipes, but if you use it often it can be very expensive.

Also, try it in your coffee or make your own vanilla coffee cream.

What you will need to make your own Vanilla Extract  (this will taste so good it will definitely perk up your recipes)

  • 1 Cup of vodka
  • 3 Vanilla Beans (if you’re looking for a preference you may select Madagascar Bourbon Beans)
  • 1 Clean Jar with Lid (like a canning jar)

Go ahead and take a paring knife or any other sharp knife, run your knife down the bean lengthwise and leave about 1/2″ uncut at the end.

Do this to all 3 Beans and then place in a jar, then pour the vodka over them. If necessary you may bend the beans to fit into the glass jar. Then put the lid on them, give it a few shakes, and then store in a cool, dark place. Leave it there for 2 months, while giving it a few shakes 2 day a week for the next 2 months. The LONGER it sits in the jar the BETTER.

If you’re looking for recommendations on where to Buy your Vanilla Beans choose from one of these below, often online stores are more affordable than the local specialty stores. These will make great gifts also for neighbors, friends, families,  just put a date on the top for them to know when to start using it.  Another Great option is check out my Vanilla Sugar Recipe


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  1. I always think this is such a great idea when I see it. I shall have to do it!

    • I agree too often we put off doing a really simple recipe which can save us money, that is what inspired this posting for me. Congratulations on Frugal Feeding’s 1 year anniversary.

  2. […] hand (think 2 tsp. of Creme de menthe) > Substitute this with a flavored extract of your choice (vanilla or almond extract for example) in an equal amount it, or you can add a favorite juice (like orange […]

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