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Dressing in a Worplace Casual Environement

In Fashion on January 27, 2012 at 9:16 am

Dress Casual – in the workplace has its benefits (your wardrobe can pull double duty and cost much less) but it can also be a major challenge. Here are my tips to dressing for a workplace casual environment while still displaying a professional image.

  • Unless you work in a warehouse or manufacturing plant DON’T wear Jeans (unless this is part of your uniform) – too many people are wearing jeans to workplace casual environments and they have rips, stains, holes, uneven threads, etc.
  • Don’t wear T-shirts, even if they are allowed. Never wear writing that can be offensive. If you choose to wear T-shirts make sure they are a solid color, the only writing a T-shirt could have that would be acceptable is a logo (on the arm sleeve is preferred as opposed to across the chest). They MUST be ironed.
  • If you choose to wear jeans make sure they aren’t too tight or too loose a properly fitting pair makes you look much better, also make sure to iron them. There is a time and place often this is the only attire people will bring to company outings, retreats and seminars. Jeans shouldn’t drag on the floor, have them hemmed or cuffed if too long.
  • When wearing jeans try to pair a solid black jacket and black crew neck shirt. It will look less informal. (You can do this with gray too)
  • Pick accessories that represent your style and color preference. (Maybe you like teal earrings and bracelets pair that with a black dress or with a tan slacks and blouse)
  • Make a decision to buy colors you look good in and can be re-worked into different outfits with other wardrobe pieces & accessories.
  • Ladies try to get more comfortable with heels, try to avoid flats (if your used to wearing flats aim for a 2″ heel). If your really into fashion well go for the pumps and platforms with a higher heel (4-5″), there is some really comfortable and stylish ones out there. Also, don’t forge to add these to the bottoms of your heels
  • Ladies dresses should have cap sleeves, no bra straps showing also an ideal length is 3-4″ below the knee it will make you look both taller and leaner
  • Ladies look for affordable suit options and wear the pants with a blouse (sans the jacket)
  • Choose sweater sets for winter that you enjoy, there are so many color options to choose from this will allow you to bring in brighter colors in the gray winter time and pair with a pair of slacks and boots
  • For winter make sure your boots are in: black, gray, or brown

I hope this helps you with selecting better outfits to wear to work without sacrificing fashion and will give you a professional image at the workplace to set yourself apart.

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