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Adding Color to your Kitchen

In Life @ Home, Urban Dweller on January 16, 2012 at 11:00 am

Most of us purchase our major appliances in white, black, or stainless so the thought of bringing color into the kitchen often challenges people. After all what is an affordable way to do this and makes a real impact. 

First, of all pick a color you like (a friend of mine loved red, so her boyfriend bought all red small appliances from then on – we’re talking coffee pot, whisk, mixing bowls and eventually even painted the cabinets).

Buy small appliances in a color you love, this will bring in POPS of color without overwhelming your space regardless of its size.

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  1. Try painting your cabinets (just make sure you pick the color you really love) this will take away the wood toned cabinetry so many want to change up with a fresh new look
  2. Try incorporating color into fabrics (dish towels, curtains, and an even seat cushions for chairs in your kitchen)
  3. Try purchasing small appliances in your favorite color
  4. Opt for colorful back splash (mosaic tiles can often be self installed with a little Q & A help at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, no need for expensive install fees, or pricey tile cutting machines)

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If you have any suggestions on how to add some color go on and post us a few suggestions we’d love to hear what you think is best



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