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Getting Rid of Grey Hair

In Make-up, Skincare on January 2, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Gray Hairs – there so annoying, and their cause (hereditary, diet, stress) you name it they can come for many reasons but its getting rid of them that is more mysterious

While, presently there has been NO actual scientific research and evidence to support that you can reverse or stop grey hair you maybe able to control the underlying causes to your premature grey hairs. –

Maybe its your body’s way of exposing an underlying lack of nutrients- who knows but here are some possible nutrients you might want to take and see if they work for you.

1) Maybe your Copper deficient there has been suggestion that a lack of copper in ones diet can lead to graying of the hair – so take a copper supplement and make sure to incorporate foods in your diet that are rich in copper

2) Bee Pollen Supplement (Obviously don’t take this if your allergic to bees or any bee products) – this is more preventative against gray hairs

3) Go on- give KELP or SeaWeed a try its often found that some of the most powerful resources are from the sea

4) Wheat Grass – has been considered by some to help them restore color to their gray heads (if you do not like the taste,  or  have the time to make wheat grass to at home,  try these capsules

5) Try making yourself a Green Smoothie – many people have found that incorporating a Green Smoothie daily into their diet has a huge impact on both their health and gray hair. Its the nutrition in Green Smoothies that help reverse many peoples’ gray heads. – I am not saying you have to choose a “vegan” or “raw” lifestyle as there are many who will never adopt these eating habits and that is a personal preference; however you can go online and search “Green Smoothie Recipes” and find plenty of recipes to jot down and purchase the items at your grocery store – and you will only need 1 blender something you probably already have in your home

6) Try a supplement that may be created specifically for Gray Hair – I have read testimonials and though I can’t vouch for this product some people have had amazing results.  Here is the Link and if your budget permits or it is of interest to you try it out.

Okay, so I hope my list has helped you, and that there is a solution here to fit every ones budget. Please, if you try any of these solutions above keep us posted with your comments and feedback below!

Always consult a physician or your medical practitioner before starting, or taking any supplements.

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