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Argan Oil Review

In Skincare on December 30, 2011 at 8:22 pm

Just in case you missed my prior review of Josie Maran Agan Oil now you can enjoy my review of MRH argan oil.

Presently, this is the argan oil I am using.  In case, you’ve never heard of argan oil here are just a few of its numerous benefits.

  1. It helps moisturize skin (can be used on the face in lieu of a face moisturizer or for those who prefer under moisturizer as a serum)
  2. It can soften cuticles
  3. You can put a few drops on the ends of your hair
  4. It is great at healing acne
  5. It is great at preventing wrinkles
  6. Does not clog pores so those prone to breakouts or acne do not worry this will NOT clog your pores

I previously used JM Argan Oil, but you can read my review above, presently I am using Mountain Rose Herbs Argan Oil and it is more affordable than the JM Argan Oil. MRH argan oil is organic and unrefined. Argan oil doesn’t have a strong odor so their is no need to worry about the smell.


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