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Neutral does not mean Bland

In Life @ Home on December 17, 2011 at 9:34 pm

If bright colors are your arch nemesis no need to fear, neutral colors do NOT have to be boring. First, realize that neutral can be beyond builder beige and you are NOT limited to Tan, Beige, and White. 

Neutrals can be greys, browns, and even: blue, green, lavender etc., it’s more about finding the right shades of paint, colors of fabric, and materials incorporated into the room.

Browse some example here:

    Photo Source

Here you can see this bedroom features grey neutral linens & pale yellow tones, without overpowering the bedroom looks more like a hotel suite.

Or how about a soothing blue bedroom – this is how you can incorporate blue into your design plan, without thinking of blue as a bold primary color like children’s building blocks.

     Photo Source 

Or for a refreshing soothing green this could be a great option – bring spring time into your living room all the time with this sere & neutral green room.

    Photo Source

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