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Closets, Closets, Nowhere

In Urban Dweller on December 12, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Welcome to Truffle’s First article on Urban Living,  with tens of millions of people living in small, urban dwellings they often find them cluttered, lacking storage, and facing cramped quarters…so it doesn’t matter what urban city you live in, every urbanite faces the same challenges.

There is a significant LACK of proper closet space in Urban City residences (condos, co-ops, flats, apartments & small homes) regardless of what you call them we need more closet space & better organization.

P.S. for those of you who live in large suburban houses these closet tips can still be applied to free up your closet space & de-clutter, after all its about organization the space you have.

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Too many people have this closet, stuff just thrown everywhere, things not arranged or sorted, clothes not properly hanging on the hangers, you get the picture. Here is a quick checklist for organizing closets.

  1. Take time to sort all closet items
  2. If its a clothing closet make sure the clothes fit (if too big or too small get rid of them, try donating them to a Goodwill, Salvation Army, Homeless shelter, or church in your community)
  3. Make sure even if the clothes fit, you actually wear them, get rid of those you don’t
  4. Sort through accessories & determine which you use, what is duplicates, & ones you no longer use (ties, jewelry, scarfs, etc)
  5. Make sure to get rid of broken jewelry if it can’t be repaired
  6. Try to buy fewer pieces of clothes that can be worn as multiple outfits
  7. make sure all garments are properly hung on hangers you do not want them falling off onto the floor, or getting stuck on other clothes
  8. Understand you do not need excessive multiples of the same things (50 pairs of blue jeans like one girl I know) talk about a waste of space & no room in the dresser for anything else she had, her closet was over flowing

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