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Better Entertaining @ Home

In Life @ Home on December 12, 2011 at 7:55 pm

Entertaining at home does not have to be complicated to be beautiful.

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Well, isn’t that just gorgeous…and it’s so simple to achieve for your next dinner party at home.

This is my simple checklist to make your next dinner party at home just as spectacular. There is no need to resort to paper napkins & paper plates anymore.

  1. Use your china (most people register for Fine China when they get married & then only dragged it out at the holidays- what a waste you either could have registered for something else guests could have bought you instead of something you use 3-4 times a year – ditto on the silverware)
  2. Make sure you have ice pre- made before the party, nothing is better than ice-cold drinks
  3. Make sure to put your glasses in the freezer in the freezer to chill them before hand
  4. Use material napkins – this is great, Eco-friendly, & you can use them all year-long even when not entertaining
  5. Set the table before the guests arrive (silverware, china, & 2 glasses per person 1 for water 1 for beverages)
  6. Make sure set the silverware is in the proper setting (you can use an informal proper setting)
  7. Use a table-cloth
  8. Put a candle or flowers in the center of the table – candles add an ambiance of a high-end restaurant & many friends bring flowers and then people just put them in water & neglect what a beautiful center piece they can be
  9. Make the dessert ahead of time, or pick something people can pass around like a plate of cookies
  10. Don’t stress yourself out – when someone volunteers to bring something let them
  11. Make good use of that dishwasher – after all you will enjoy your parties at home more if you spend less time washing & more time relaxing

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